November 4, 2011


Placing my anger, my bold side here.
been nothing make me anger for few months since my last post, I should cooling down I guess. No more read anyone annoying status update, hiding them from my facebook home or removing them as my facebook friend. Decide not too active tweeting on tweet world, beside it no fun unless bored.
It didn't look I'm grow up with a lot of wise glowing around me.
I just didn't want to put some care on it.
I know maybe sometime I'm tryin' to be egoistic and annoying me at the same time.
but somehow I loved to being someone 'anti-protagonist' haha.

Saya adalah yang begini, tidak setiap waktu bisa didengar karena tidak setiap waktu saya bisa berbicara dengan manis. Bahwa saya bisa sangat 'devilish' kadang-kadang.

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