November 7, 2011


a letter written for :  dearest YOU 
What if we both love each other deeply and decide to make a special relationship?
I'll tell you what will be :
If you were mine...
I’m guarantee you, you would be an ending of my love journey. I didn’t need another man. I do not need to do another long searching like I do before, because at the very end I just realize they’re so not a guy who I want to live my life with. Maybe because they didn’t like you, you – someone deserve to make me falling love with. And I know that I just need you and your existence, really... it will be enough for me.
I’m falling at you and that’s happen so simple. A little by little. Then I’m so sick all day long thinking how nice guy you are. Miss a moment when you smile gorgeously at me and looking me back (you take my breath when it happen). I wish you were here, beside me. I wish you love me back, I know it wouldn’t be easy so I spend all night to pray to God for make it possible to me (God, I wish his were mine although that maybe so impossible becoming true. But... please God,please :) :) ).
Because, if you were mine...
I’m yours exactly.

BLOGGER CONTEST "IF YOU WERE MINE" a novel by Clara Canceriana 



  1. that's nice posting..
    is that a poem?

  2. makasih ya udah ikut
    namamu udah terdata
    ditunggu ya sampai tgl 23 November ^ ^